October 5, 2023

Holiday Notice for Students: School holiday notice for students

holiday notice for students

Holiday Notice for Students:

As a student, holidays are an exciting thing as we often look forward to it. The occasions of Holi, winter vacation, summer vacation, and more are always awaited with eagerness by all students. But there’s one thing that students have to do for these holidays and that’s notice writing.

Holiday notice for students has been a mandatory practice for all schools throughout. It’s because of this need for school notice writing that a lot of students look for the guidance and right manner of writing notices.

We here will take a look at how notices should be prepared and what are the top factors and key elements to mention in the notices. Alongside that, we’ll include a couple of samples of the notice for summer vacation and more below.

Key elements and structure of a school notice writing

  • The idea of school notices is to allow students information about the upcoming holiday.
  • The notice specimen follows a standard format where the dates of the holidays are mentioned along with the date and the day.
  • The notice should also explain the type of the holiday whether that’s a national holiday, school holiday, or government notice.
  • The notice should also include the assignment and homework if they are also to be provided to the students.
  • The school notice should then be closed off with a reminder and a wish for a good and happy time.

Here are three different school holiday notice for students that they can use or go through to understand better.

Holiday Notice Writing for Holi

Date: _/_/_

Dear Students,

This is a general notice to inform you all that our school will be closed on the occasion of Holi from March 12th to March 14th. It is notified that all the classes and study programs for this period will be suspended. The students are provided with the assignments to be completed during their holiday period. We kindly remind you to complete all the assignments and submit them after the holiday.

In case of any query, you can contact our Supervisor via official communication channels.

Wish you a happy colorful and cheerful Holi.

XYZ School

Summer Vacation Notice Sample for School

Date: _/_/_

Dear Students,

This notice is provided to inform you that all the teaching and non-teaching activities will cease to operate between June 10th to June 25th for summer vacation. The school will reopen and begin the teaching activities from June 26th onwards.

The students are provided with the assignments and homework to complete during the vacation period. All students are requested to complete the homework and submit it to their respective class and department in charge after the re-opening of the school.

It is also informed that the terminal examination will be conducted as per the prior calendar, i.e. before the summer vacation. The exams will then end on June 9th and henceforth will start the vacation period for the students.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming exams and the impending summer vacation. We hope you enjoy your vacation well.

XYZ School

Raksha Bandhan Holiday Leave Notice

Date: _/_/_

Dear Students,

This is to inform you that the school will remain closed on 29th August on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. We wish all the students a happy festive moment and best wishes for the Raksha Bandhan. The school will reopen on 30th August and will commence normal operations from then onwards.
XYZ School

Final Words

School notices are important information pieces and are a major part of informing and letting the students know about the festival, holiday, or any other occasion and events. These holiday notices help give context to the students and their families on the school closing and resumption.

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