October 4, 2023

Cardekho Business Model: Revenue Model & Success Story

Cardekho business model

Cardekho business model: CarDekho is one such business or startup that has made quite a name in the Indian market in a short period of time. They have been successful at it because of several reasons like their reliable business model, and the customers’ trust they gained by only allowing legit car sellers on their platform.

Cardekho business model: Founded by Amit Jain (CEO) and Anurag Jain (COO) in 2008. Cardekho revenue model depends on the two components, first is knowledge based eCommerce and second is dabbling in financial services.

If you are someone wondering about what made CarDekho so successful, and what is the platform’s actual business model or revenue streams, then you are at the right place. That’s because we are about to dive deep and present the inspiring story of CarDekho, so yeah, stay tuned for that. Here we go.

Cardekho Business Model: Background

GirnarSoft is known as CarDekho parent company, and it has other flagship websites or platforms like BikeDekho, Gaadi.com, etc. Amit Jain and Anurag Jain are the two brilliant minds behind the idea of CarDekho in 2008. These two are IIT-Delhi grads and they’ve got some solid academic creds from one of India’s top-notch institutes.

After waving goodbye to their college days, they both dived deep into the corporate jungle and came out with a treasure trove of experience. And guess what? All that knowledge didn’t just sit in their heads gathering dust. Nope, they put it to good use, big time! So, here’s how the team lines up, Amit, he’s the captain of the ship, holding down the fort as the CEO. He’s the strategy man, the big-picture guy. Then, we’ve got Anurag, wearing the COO hat. Their combined vision, passion, and sheer determination have been the secret sauce behind CarDekho’s climb to success.

CarDekho Business Model Components

There are actually two components of CarDekho’s business model, and let’s understand each one by one.

1. Knowledge-Based eCommerce

At its core, CarDekho is not just any old website where you list used cars for sale; it’s a knowledge-based eCommerce hub. What’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one! Car dealers can pop their vehicles on there for absolutely zero bucks. Sweet deal, right? But here’s where it gets even more interesting. CarDekho nudges these dealers but in the nicest way possible. They have this super cool certification service. Think of it as CarDekho’s golden stamp of approval. So, while the listing is free, getting that certification is actually the secret sauce to making the magic happen.

2. Dabbling in Financial Services

Okay, so you’ve found the car of your dreams on CarDekho. Now what? Here’s where they pull another ace from their sleeve. CarDekho doesn’t just leave you hanging after helping you find your dream ride. Nope, they’ve teamed up with the heavy hitters, BankBazaar.com and Berkshire Insurance. These collaborations are like the dream team of the financial world. Need a car loan? Want it instant? They’ve got you. How about insuring your shiny new (or well-loved) purchase? They’ve got schemes that’ll make your head spin (in a good way). From the moment you spot that car to the time you’re ready to roll, CarDekho ensures your ride (pun intended) is smooth.

CarDekho Revenue Model:

As you may already know, CarDekho is a pretty cool platform all about cars. Now, ever wondered how they keep the wheels turning and cash flowing? Let’s find out together.

1. Dealers Network:

CarDekho has built a vast network of car dealerships across the country. And for every match made, CarDekho gets a sweet little “thank you” in the form of revenue. Not too shabby, right?

2. All Those Shiny Advertisements

Because of its massive user base, car manufacturers are more than happy to pay up for some prime ad real estate.

3. Trustmark Certification

Now, this one’s cool. If you’re diving into the world of used cars, how do you know you’re not getting a dud? That’s why Trustmark Certification is important. And, you guessed it, dealers pay a fee to get this shiny stamp of approval. Smart, huh?

4. Playing the Commission Game

Last, but by no means least, let’s talk about partnerships. CarDekho has teamed up with folks who offer car loans and insurance. So, if you, the user, decide to snag one of those deals, CarDekho gets a piece of the pie as a commission. Win-win, right?

How Cardekho earns money?

The main money-making method for CarDekho is to connect buyer and seller and get a piece of the transaction as commissions. Apart from that, CarDekho also sells ad spots on their website, offers their Trustmark Certification, and they have collaborations with insurance providers for additional revenue.

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