October 4, 2023

Business Model of Lenskart | Lenskart Business Model

lenskart business model

Business model of lenskart: When you think of buying spectacles, goggles, frames, contact lenses, reading glasses, computer glasses, or anything like this, which brand comes to your mind first? Of course, it’s Lenskart, right? And why wouldn’t you shift to this brand when you are getting the best designs, and sturdy frames at affordable price points? Correct. So yeah, if you are feeling intrigued about the business model of Lenskart, then this post will clarify all your doubts. You can take it as an eyeglasses eyewear business plan sample or just a case study of Lenskart. Now let’s get down and discuss Lenskart’s business model by going in-depth. Here we go.

Lenskart Business Model:

Lenskart business model offers you to buy glasses without actually going to the store. Their cool 3D Image version, virtual mirror, and those super handy home eye check-ups make sure you get a tailor-fit experience.

Lenskart Marketing Strategy : Brief details for lenskart business model

Have you ever been surfing the web or chilling with some TV and suddenly, bam! There’s an eyewear ad staring right back at you? Yup, that’s most likely a Lenskart ad. These folks are literally everywhere! Seriously, it’s like they’ve planted tiny flags on every corner of our digital and real-world space. Kinda cool if you ask us.

While many brands often go all-in on just one type of marketing, Lenskart plays it smart. They blend the charm of traditional advertising with the zippy appeal of digital channels. But hey, it doesn’t stop at just marketing. For Lenskart, it’s all about you. Yup, you! Sitting in your jammies, sipping coffee, and pondering over which glasses would make you look like the next Bollywood superstar. They’ve got this super cool website, which is slick, easy to navigate, and oh, wait for it, they’ve got this virtual try-on feature. It’s like a dressing room for your face! So yeah, their marketing game is top-notch, and they have made quite the name for themselves because of this.

Channel Of Distribution Of Sunglasses

In this fast-paced digital era, every brand knows the importance of being online or transitioning to selling online. But Lenskart? Oh, they’re not just playing the game; they’re acing it. With a strong online platform for all you net-savvy folks, they also sprinkle the magic of tangible shopping with their brick-and-mortar stores. And believe us, these stores aren’t just in some hidden alley. They’re spread all over India, making it super easy for anyone to pop in.

Now, let’s talk about the variety that Lenskart has to offer. From those dope reading glasses for your late-night novel adventures to the swankiest shades that shout “summer vibes”, Lenskart’s range is nothing short of eyewear heaven. And hey, if you’re a bit unsure about what truly suits your face, no worries! Their super-friendly, trained staff are there, ready to assist. They’re like those pals who won’t let you leave until you find the absolute perfect pair. How cool is that?

Lenskart Business Model: A Brief Overview

Have you ever wondered why when we think of eyewear in India, the name Lenskart often pops up? Well, there’s a neat story behind that. Started in 2010 by Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi, Lenskart isn’t just a brand, it’s become part of India’s eyewear conversation. Let’s take a good look at their business, shall we?

1. What’s Lenskart’s Magic?

lenskart business model

You know when you wish you could try on glasses without actually going to the store? Lenskart caught that wish! Their cool 3D Image try-on feature feels like something out of a sci-fi movie. Pop on their site, and voila, there’s a 3D version of you testing out the trendiest frames. And that’s not all; their virtual mirror and those super handy home eye check-ups make sure you get a tailor-fit experience. Well, now that’s kind of impressive, don’t you think?

2. So, How Do They Make Their Money?

Now, a business has to earn, right? For Lenskart, it’s mainly from their dazzling range of eyewear. From snazzy frames, helpful reading glasses, to those essential computer glasses, they’ve got it all. And hey, if you’re one of those folks who love a bit of extra pampering, Lenskart Gold membership might be your jam. It’s their subscription service that rolls out the red carpet with some pretty sweet perks.

3. How Do They Keep It Budget-Friendly without Skimping on Quality?

They’ve got this super-smart setup where they’re linked straight to the manufacturers. No middlemen mean no extra costs. This means they can keep a hawk’s eye on the quality of each product while making sure the price tag doesn’t give us mini heart attacks.

Lenskart Alternative : Short details

Lenskart alternative in India are Eyemyeye, Specsmakers, Titan Eyeplus, Amazon, Lensbazaar. These are some of the top 5 challengers in the market for lenskart business model.

Lenskart Alternative : Brief details for lenskart business model alternative

S. No. Lenskart Alternative
1 Eyemyeye
2 Specsmakers
3 Titan Eyeplus
4 Amazon
5 Lensbazaar

Of course, Lenskart has been the big name on everyone’s lips, but there’s more to the eyewear game in India than just one player. Dive in with us as we explore some of the top challengers in the market.

1. Eyemyeye


This brand came in around 2021 and boy, have they made some waves! They’ve stacked up a whopping 4000+ designs for both the gents and the ladies. They may be a new brand in this whole spectacles, goggles, frames collection but with their smart online moves, they’re reaching out to hundreds and thousands of people.

2. Specsmakers

Specsmakers lenskart alternative

With a massive 250 stores in over 20 Indian cities, this brand is pretty much everywhere. Oh, and if you’re in Chennai, they’ve got this uber-cool home check-up where they bring the store to you. Combining online and offline vibes, they toss in free shipping, cash on delivery, and a chill 14-day return policy. Sounds like Lenskart’s got some serious competition, don’t you think?

3. Titan Eyeplus

titan eyeplus lenskart alternative

From trendy glasses to sleek sunnies, this particular brand has got it all, and without burning a hole in your pocket. With a giant footprint of 550+ stores in a ton of cities, they’re pretty hard to miss. Their secret sauce? A combo of top-notch stuff, friendly folks to help you out, and that golden Titan trust factor.

4. Amazon

amazon lenskart alternative

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon, right? This global giant’s also on the eyewear scene in India. But, it’s kinda like choosing candy at a massive store. It’s awesome, but you might miss that cozy, specialized vibe. Still, with Amazon’s massive reach and their knack for delivering, they’re giving the dedicated eyewear shops a good chase.

5. Lensbazaar

Lensbazaar lenskart alternative

If contacts are your thing, Lensbazaar’s your go-to place. They’ve kinda cornered the market on everything from color pop lenses to those you toss after a day or week. They’re big on keeping things quality, easy on the pocket, and making sure their customers are all smiles. Being mainly online, they’re facing the digital game and carving out a solid name in the lens world.

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