October 5, 2023

Best Cycle Under 10000 | Cycle for Men Under 10000 INR in 2023

Best Cycle under 10000

Best Cycle under 10000: Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and substantially a cheaper form of commute and transportation. It has been around for centuries as it has been preferred by human beings all along. However, with the innovation of motorcycles and four-wheelers, the everyday use of cycles has decreased at least in the major part apart from recreation and exercise.

Top 5 Cycle for Men Under 10000

S.No. Best Cycle under 10000 INR Price
1 Red mountain bike by Cultsport Rs 5899
2 Vesco Cycles Drift 26T Rs 6499
3 Leader Gladiator 26T MTB bicycle Rs 8999
4 Decathlon Rockrider ST350 Rs 9999
5 Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Road Bicycle Rs 9100

The use of cycles has once again become trendy due to the recent pandemic times and the rise in general awareness about fitness. We see a lot of people cycling in the morning as part of their fitness regime. But there’s a consensus that good cycles are expensive to use. That’s not the case. There are very good cycles available at pretty economical price points in the market. We’ll look to discuss the best cycle under 10000 rupees in the market today.

Best Cycle under 10000

The Red Mountain Bike by Cultsport is available at Rs 5899, Vesco Cycles Drift 26T costs Rs 6499. Leader Gladiator 26T MTB bicycle price is Rs 8999. Decathlon Rockrider ST350 can buy at Rs 9999. Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Road Bicycle at a reasonable price of Rs 9100.

Best Cycle under 10000 Rupees in India: Top 5 List

1. Red mountain bike by Cultsport: Best cycle under 10000

The first pick of our list of best cycle under 10000 is from Cultsport, one of the major cycle manufacturing brands in operation at present. This red mountain bicycle is an urban terrain based with a single speed and comes with a firm design. It has a superior-grade steel-infused frame with 27.5-inch wheels.

Red mountain cycle has a linear-pull brake system and it is perfect for teenagers and adults. It has an adjustable seat and premium brakes. It comes with CultSport’s 3-month Cult Pass offer that the user can avail of. You can buy with both option of online and offline.

Price- Rs 5899

2. Vesco Cycles Drift 26T: 2nd low cost cycle under 10000

The second one on our list is the dual disk road bike that has multipurpose use. It is offered by Vesco Cycles, another premier cycle brand in India, and comes with a great set of features. It has a single-speed type disc brake offering with a frame built of high-quality steel.

The cycle has an 18-inch frame size and 26-inch wheels to go with. It is a perfect mix of mountain bike and road bike that allows you to seamlessly travel around and up your fitness game. Drift 26T comes in a premium quality offering and is suited for adults. It is also priced at a good point allowing you good value for money.

• Price: Rs 6499

3. Leader Gladiator 26 T MTB bicycle

The third one on our list is Leader Gladiator 26 T MTB bicycle one of the best-rated bicycles in the market at the moment. It is affordable and is a cycle gear-based mountain bike that comes with 21-gear-based combinations to use. 26 T MTB cycle has a perfect design that allows you both off-road and on-road rides and has a powerful braking system for safety.

It is one of the value-for-money products in entry-level mountain biking and comes with 26-inch wheels. The frame size for it is 18 inches. The bicycle also comes with a host of accessories like a mudguard, bell, and more upon purchase. It offers great comfort while riding.

• Price: Rs 8999

4. Decathlon Rockrider ST350

Everyone in the fitness and adventure sport in India knows about Decathlon. They are the epitome of quality-based products at a value-for-money range and are often preferred by many people. No doubt then that their cycle makes it into the list of best cycle for men under 10000 rupees in India. ST350 is a mountain bike-based design with seven cycle gear and comes in four different sizes.

It has an enforced steel material for a sturdy design and comes with aluminum-based rims. The wheels are 26 inches long and are suited for both normal roads and off-road trails. It has V-brakes at the front and rear both with cycle gear and disc brake. The cycle comes with a quick-release clamp and adjustable staddle design. It is offered in various color schemes as per the requirement of the user.

• Price: Rs 9999

5. Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Road Bicycle

Number five on our list is the one from Hercules. We all grew up with Hercules cycle in our kid days and the brand is known to offer great cycles at good price points. This one from them is the Flunk RF which has one of the best road presence and riding experience. It comes with 25-inch tires and a 17-inch frame for a sturdy build. The cycle is fitted with double-walled rims of aluminum and has mechanical disk brakes on both wheels.

The fork design offers great control and good cruising speed for the riders. It’s suited for teenagers and adults and comes with a quick-release clamp for seat adjustment. It has reflectors added as a safety feature and alloy brake levers.

• Price: Rs 9100

Final Words

There are various cycles offered in the market at reasonable price points at present and it makes a great pick for people looking to start their fitness and cycling journey. We hope these options can help you find your best pick among the best cycle under 10000 rupees in the Indian market.

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